adventure kids

Revolution loves Kids! On Sunday morning, Adventure Kids is the area where kids, aged newborn through 5th grade, can learn about God in a fun, exciting and safe way. Safety is very important to us, so all Adventure Kids Team Members are background checked and trained to work with children.

Adventure Kids is divided into three environments so that we can connect your child to God at his or her level. 


The Nursery is for ages 6 weeks through 23 months. Our team members show God's love to your babies by taking care of their needs and providing a fun and safe environment.


The Preschool Rooms are for 2-5 year olds. Here our team begins engaging your kids with lessons about God. Throughout the preschool ages we want to incite wonder by exposing kids to three truths about God: God made us, God loves us, and Jesus wants to be our friend forever. By teaching the kids Scripture and reinforcing these truths with creative activities, we hope to teach your kids how to wonder about God. 


The Elementary Rooms are for children in Kindergarten-5th grade. Our goal during the elementary age is to provoke discovery. Our volunteers will do this by teaching a different Biblical virtues every month and reinforcing these with Scripture memorization. By the time these children graduate elementary school, we want them to have thought through what it means to follow Jesus so that they can begin impacting our world.

We would be ecstatic to have your child in Adventure Kids and hope that you visit us soon! Feel free to contact our Children's Pastor, Ashley Barnes at with any questions.

Partnering with parents

At Revolution, our goal is to do more than babysit your kids. We believe that there are two powerful influences on this planet that were initiated by God: the Church and the Family. Rather than running parallel as two separate influences, our desire at Revolution is to see the influence of the Church and the Family combine in the lives of the children. 

We believe that what will matter most in 100 years is that our kids had an authentic relationship with Jesus. This hope drives the focus, strategy, and intention of the environments we are creating each week for your children, as well as the ways that we communicate with you. Just as there are no perfect churches, we know that there are no perfect families. Our desire is to partner with you as a parent, no matter where you think you are spiritually, to impact your family.