our mission

Revolution exists to lead people into a revolutionary relationship with Jesus. 

We believe that God is constantly pursuing us which means there are always next steps we can take to draw closer to God. At Revolution we believe there are three primary actions that Jesus took over and over that led to his revolutionary impact on our planet: explore, connect, act. When we follow in Jesus’ footsteps, we live out the revolutionary life we were designed for.


We believe knowing God and developing a relationship with Him is essential to life, and we challenge everyone to explore God and faith. Sunday at Revolution is an excellent environment to take this step. This is our weekly gathering to celebrate God, ask tough questions, and explore God and faith together. We also encourage you to personally read the Bible and pray on a regular basis to get to know God better. For more information about attending Revolution on Sunday, click here.


A journey of faith was never meant to be taken alone. We were created to be in relationship with people who are also pursuing a relationship with God. This happens during the week by getting connected to one of our Local Revolutions, which are small gatherings of people who support and challenge each other.


We believe that God has loved us so extremely that we can’t help but pay it forward through revolutionary action. This happens through participating in the many different ways that Revolution serves the community. Revolutionary action also happens by getting involved in a Sunday morning service team. If interested in joining a team, click here.