At Revolution, we believe that “church” isn’t a place we visit a few times each month on Sundays, it’s a community where we can belong each and every day of the week. Our Groups are one of the ways we come together outside of our Sunday gatherings in order to develop new friendships, find answers to hard questions, and learn more about living out our faith together.

Below, you can learn about each of our Group types: Starting Point, First, Connection, Workshop, and Local. No matter which Group interests you most, we promise that when you visit, you will find a comfortable and safe place where you can belong, even if you don't share all of our beliefs!



    Starting Point is a luncheon held periodically after second service. It offers an opportunity to meet with a member of our staff and learn more about Revolution. It's a great place for your questions and an excellent way to get "started" at Revolution! Food and a gift are provided.


    If you are looking to learn more about who Revolution is, where Revolution came from, and what Revolution believes, this 4-week group is for you. It is a great place to ask questions and make connections with both the Revolution staff and other, newer people at our church. 


    These are 4- to 6-week groups, designed to help people make new friends and connect with our community! They come in many shapes and sizes, from meal groups, to Theology on Tap, to classes on particular topics, to groups where you can play pub trivia or hang out and play board games at the church office. The options change regularly, and the hope is that these groups offer you an opportunity to get to know other folks at Revolution and build lasting relationships in our community.


    These are 8- to 10-week groups focused on offering people practical and Biblical guidance on specific issues and topics. They involve more structured curriculum, matched with weekly instruction and open discussion. 


    "Locals," as they are often called, are the backbone of Revolution. These groups, which meet without an “end date,” are intended to foster deep love, support, and accountability for the people of our church. They are welcoming spaces where everyone can be encouraged and cared for as they develop deeper relationships with both one another and with God. It is our vision as a church that each and every person who calls Revolution their home will be connected in a Local Group. At present, we are promoting four Local Groups:

    Annapolis, which will be led by Shawn and Rachel Livingston. This group will meet Tuesdays 7-9.

    Severna Park, which will be led by Edward and Heidi Giard, as well as Drew Robertson. This group will meet Wednesdays 7:00-9:30.

    South County, which will be led by Adam and Susanne Leach, as well as Matt and Becky Murphy. This group will meet Wednesdays 6:30-8:30.

    Eastern Shore, which will be led by John and Linda Sagaser, as well as David and Megan Wilbert. This group will meet Thursdays 6:30-8:30.